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Error Report

Error ID: 2:Newscoop:4.2.4:CampGetImage.php:499
Error String: imagesavealpha() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given
Time: Mon, 10 Dec 2018 15:53:14 +0100
Admin_Bootstrap::{closure}() called at [:]
imagesavealpha() called at [/www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/]
CampGetImage::ResizeImage() called at [/www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/]
CampGetImage::createImage() called at [/www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/]
CampGetImage::imageCacheHandler() called at [/www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/]
CampGetImage::PushImage() called at [/www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/]
CampGetImage::GetImage() called at [/www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/]
CampGetImage::__construct() called at [/www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/]